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Patients suffering from arthritis, muscle strain/sprain or tendonitis benefit from using therapeutic techniques and exercises such as Soft Tissue Mobilization or the usage of modalities like TENS, IFC and Ultrasound. These therapies help in alleviating the pain thereby ensuring normalcy. You can check with our specialized and trained physiotherapists at Etobicoke centre for more information on this Let’s face this. We are all living in tough pandemic times and nobody wants to visit a hospital or undergo surgery. However, there are some unavoidable situations where surgery is the last resort. Physiotherapy can help in avoiding this by managing and healing in the initial stages itself. It is also helpful in pre and post-rehabilitation programs to mitigate the complications that can occur in the surgery. If you are residing in or around Toronto, we suggest you to consult our Physiotherapy experts in Toronto before planning a surgery. You can also discuss your case if you are recuperating from surgery or treatment.


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