Hi, Dr. Ankit Agrawal & Dr. Akanksha Sonkar Deal with the pain of ortho-related conditions such as Neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain,sciatica,knee pain etc. & Neurological conditions such as bells palsy, stroke, balance, and coordination, etc. Post-surgical cases such as TKR, THR, Post operative cases, rehabilitation protocol.

We give the best  consultation with your condition and explain you that how it occur ,what happen next,what to do,how it resolves and prevention for the future with giving very easy examples and in easy language that you can understand your condition easily. we also deal with weight management with a proper diet chart with calculated calories intake, water intake, carbs intake, fat intake, and protein intake, and how much calories burn ina day to reduce fat. Proper exercise program also deal with health supplements and medicines which improve your heath and faster recovery.

Note- We don't provide unnecessary medicines.

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