Kinesio taping has become much more visible in recent years. You have likely seen athletes, gym-goers, and even pregnant women using the colorful muscle tape in strategic positions as a way of easing pressure on their joints and alleviating pain. Kinesio tape is a union of old-school pain management strategies and state-of-the-art medical technology, utilizing aspects of acupressure and strategic physical therapy by placing elastic therapeutic tape around problematic areas. The tape exudes a pulling force, allowing for a free range of motion while still providing a therapeutic pressure to the targeted area. Feel free to contact our highly trained physical therapist at PHYSIO 2 GYM HEALTH While using tape to wrap injured areas is not inherently new, the use of Kinesio tape is different. Kinesio tape is specialized to react to body heat, providing added support by staying firm and in-place all day. While traditional bandages have long been used to provide additional support during injury recovery, Kinesio tape is the first of its kind. This type of kinesiology tape can be purchased through your physical therapist or at a local sports goods store and comes in a roll of tape in a variety of colors. The tape is cut to fit the area in need of reinforcement and lasts all day. Unlike a standard ACE bandage, which will typically wear over time and not be as effective with later uses, the Kinesio tape is one-time use and designed to last all day sometimes even longer! Visit us today to know the benefits of KINESIO TAPING.

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